Worship & Liturgy


Pupils and staff celebrate the eucharist throughout the school year to mark important occasions:

Mass of Welcome

Mass of Remembrance

Founders’ Day Mass

Year Group Masses

Holy Days of Obligation (when applicable)

These are celebrated by the whole school in the New Hall. Students play an active role in leading the liturgy through reading, singing and serving. Our 6th form Eucharistic Ministers assist our visiting priests in administering the eucharist. 


All pupils take part in collective worship during our assemblies. Pupils assemble on a weekly basis and observe the theme of the week through prayer and reflection during weekly form assemblies, whole school assemblies, year assemblies and House assemblies. 


We offer the opportunity for Reconciliation during Lent. Our visiting priests put the pupils and staff at ease as they come forward to receive the sacrament. 

Advent Services

Our annual Advent service takes place in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Upminster. The RE and Music Departments work together in providing a spiritually uplifting service which is well attended by parents and parishioners. This service is repeated in the NEw Hall for the whole school to bring a prayerful conclusion to the Autumn term before the celebration of Christmas.

Liturgical Reps

The role of the Liturgical Rep is to coordinate the prayer time during morning registration. They work with their Form Tutor and other members of the form to help make prayer a central part of registration. House liturgical reps oversee the liturgical contributions from the pupils for House feast days and weekly House Assemblies. 


All students have the opportunity to attend a retreat during the year.

In year 7 all students participate in a full day retreat which is led by the Walsingham House. The students are in form groups and the day is in the Autumn Term in order to help students settle into Sacred Heart of Mary and to get to know each other better. The retreat involves prayer, reflection, games, team building and group work.

In year 8 and 9 all students participate in a full day retreat which is led by Walsingham House. The Walsingham House Team cater their retreats to the needs of our pupils as they develop relationships with one another and with God.

Brentwood Catholic Youth Service (BCYS)

We have strong links with the BCYS with many students attending youth events around the Diocese. Every summer a large number of students join the pilgrimage to Lourdes. It is a wonderful and moving week for all involved. As well as Lourdes, many of our students attend Youth Gather and the monthly Youth Mass.

Theme of the Week

The theme of the week provides a liturgically linked focus for our pupils and staff throughout the year. The themes are explored by staff and pupils through preparation of assemblies and expressed creatively on the liturgy board in the entrance hall in the school.

Charity Work

Pupils fully participate in and prepare charity fundraising events throughout the year, including Advent and Lenten charities and Race for Life. The school supports the ‘Shoebox Appeal’ each year sends over 500 boxes of gifts to children overseas;

Week of Prayer

During the weeks of Prayer, the students have enjoyed the opportunity to explore and discuss themes of “respect for all”,  “celebrating differences” and “Christ is Alive”. The whole school is involved in prayer and  reflection based on the theme and we invite speakers to broaden the girls’ understanding of their faith and explore their relationship with God and each other.

CAFOD young leaders

A small group of 6th formers are supported by the RE Department as they engage in the CAFOD young leaders programme. Our young leaders take responsibility in organising charity events and leading initiatives throughout the year.