Staff members

Mrs G Bar – Subject Leader
Miss E Kelly – Teacher of Geography

AS Level Geography

Both the AS and the A2 course are based on the AQA specification. The table below indicates the units being taught at the moment.

Coastal environments Tectonic environments and hazards
River environments Ecosystems
Health studies World urban areas
Population studies

Currently the AS students spend a week in Yorkshire as part of their field study programme. Investigative techniques are used in coastal, urban, fluvial and rural environments in North Yorkshire.

The A2 students visit the East End to investigate urban blight and renewal. They also investigate British ecosystem in Epping Forest.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

A study of the UK.
Ordnance Survey map skills.
A study of earthquake activity.
A local enquiry.

Year 8

A study of Brazil.
A study of ecosystems.
A study of coastal environments.
Weather and climate.
A coastal investigation.

Year 9

Environmental management.
A study of France
Plate tectonics with reference to volcanic environments.
An environmental impact investigation.
A secondary source investigation – ‘Countries
of a chosent continent’

Key Stage 4

The G.C.S.E. pupils follow the EDEXCEL specification.

The specification can be found by clicking here

The investigative work includes one of the following;

A river channel enquiry.

A tourism enquiry.

A coastal enquiry.

Key Stage 5

The AS and A2 pupils follow the AQA specification.

The specification can be found by clicking here

The investigative work includes;

A river characteristic enquiry.

A beach enquiry.

A rural village enquiry.

A flood management enquiry.

A sand dune enquiry.

A coastal management study.

Field Trips

In order to complete the investigative work a number of field trips operate. Locations include Dorset, Yorkshire, Epping Forest, Walton on the Naze, and Shropshire.