Mr C Marcellin – ICT & Enterprise

Certificate in Enterprise and Employability

Level 1 and 2

This course is offered to Year 8 and 9 pupils. Pupils have the opportunity to achieve this GCSE equivalent qualification  in year 9.

General Aims of the course:

The Enterprise and Employability certificate will encourage all pupils to understand:

Enterprise capability:

  • The enterprise process and how it can be applied in different contexts
  • The impact and possibilities of enterprise using the World Wide Web
  • The role of finance in business and social enterprises
  • Their rights and responsibilities in employment and enterprise

Pupils will therefore be better able to:

  • Develop and promote their personal employability
  • Understand and plan their personal finance
  • Be knowledgeable consumers of personal financial products and services
  • Play an active role as innovative and enterprising citizens and members of society

National Qualifications Framework

Level 1 is equivalent to GCSE grades D-G whilst a certificate at Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE
grades A*-C.

Level 1 / Level 2

Written paper: 70% of overall assessment

Coursework: 30% of overall assessment

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Coursework is based on activities undertaken during Enterprise Week (November).

A personal log of actions she has undertaken in an enterprise activity during Enterprise Week.
A detailed report on the enterprise activity

Section A – Multiple choice answers
Section B – Short sentence answers
Section C – Longer, structured questions

Enterprise Achievements

Michaela George has been chosen as a runner up in her age group in the Baillie Gifford & Financial Mail Essay Competition. In her essay she explained why saving is good for Britain and how the Government can encourage more people to save.

Enterprise Results

Year Level 2 Level 1 U Group Size
2012 92.1 7.9 0 126
2011 97.6% 3.3% 0.0% 123
2010 85% 13% 1% 127
2009 100% n/a n/a 24*

*The figures for 2009 represent a gifted and talented group consisting of 24 pupils.

To reward year 9’s for their hard work throughout the year and to give them a further insight in Enterprise, a group of 20 gifted and talented pupils visit the Bank of England each year.

AQA Course Specification

Enterprise and Employability Level 1/2.PDF

Year 9 enterprise Textbook