Mrs N Walker – English Subject Leader
Mr J Diggory – English Assistant Subject Leader (responsible for Key Stage 3)

Mr S Fink – Teacher of English (responsible for Literacy)

Miss E Rawlings – Teacher of English (Teacher in Charge of Film Studies)

Mrs P Law – Teacher of English

Ethos of the Department

To ensure that the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda permeates every aspect of our work

Objectives: To ensure that

  1. Each child feels valued and secure.
  2. Each child makes academic progress.
  3. Each child is aware of her potential and her strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Each child is given realistic but challenging targets to facilitate progress.
  5. Each child understands what she is being asked to do and how tasks will facilitate progress.
  6. Each child is given the opportunity to voice ideas and contribute positively to lessons.
  7. Each child has high self-esteem even if she struggles with some aspects of the subject.
  8. Each child feels able to ask for help and advice.
  9. Each child genuinely believes English lessons are worthwhile.


A Level English Literature specification


GCSE English Language specification


GCSE English Literature specification