Teaching Staff and Responsibilities

Mr Bright: Subject Leader of Economics and Senior Leader


KS5/A Level (Y12-13)

How do we organise teaching groups at KS5?

At KS5, classes are taught in option groups which are all mixed ability.


Which A Level specification do we prepare pupils for?

Edexcel A Level Economics A (9ECO).  Here is a link to the specification for more detailed information:


What will my daughter learn at KS5?

Year 12

In year 12 we teach:

Theme 1: Introduction to markets and market failure

Nature of economics, how markets work, market failure and government intervention

Theme 2: The UK economy – performance and policies

Measures of economic performance, aggregate demand, aggregate supply, national income, economic growth and macroeconomic objectives & policy


Year 13

In year 13 we teach:

Theme 3: Business behaviour and the labour market

Business growth, business objectives, revenue, costs & profits, market structures, labour market and government intervention

Theme 4: A global perspective

International economics, poverty & inequality, emerging & developing economies, the financial sector and the role of the state in the macroeconomy


The Examination

The A Level examination at the end of year 13 will comprise of three papers:

Paper 1: Markets and business behaviour

2 hours. 100 marks. 35% of A Level

Paper 2: The national and global economy

2 hours. 100 marks. 35% of A Level

Paper 3: Microeconomics and macroeconomics

2 hours. 100 marks. 35% of A Level


Are there any websites that will support my daughter’s learning?


Future pathsways/careers

Economics students have a wide range of career opportunities open to them.