Mrs P Law

Classical Civilization

Classical civilization is taught at GCSE, AS, and A level. The syllabus is varied and wide ranging covering both the Roman and the Greek world. At GCSE we follow the OCR syllabus. We look at life in ancient Athens , Pompeii, and the ‘Odyssey’ of Homer. Coursework is offered on one of the following topics – Sophocles’ Antigone, the Olympic Games or Virgil’s Aeneid. At AS level we examine the evidence on women in the ancien world and Homer’s Odyssey. At A2 we study the plays of Sophocles and Euripides as well Virgil’s Aeneid. There is no coursework at A level. We follow the AQA syllabus at A Level.



Paper 1: City Life in Athens
Paper 2: Homer’s Odyssey
Paper 3: Community Life in Pompeii
Paper 4: Controlled Assessment – either Olympics or Sophocles’ Antigone

Click Here for the GCSE Classical Civilisation – J280, J080 (from 2012)


A level

You DO NOT have to have studied Classical Civilisation before. You just need a interest in the past and a liking for literature.


Paper 1 – CIV1D Women in Athens and Rome
Paper 2 – CIV2 Homer’s The Odyssey


Paper 3 – CIV3D Augustus and the Foundation of the Principate
Paper 4 – CIV4C Roman Epic


Year 10 Holiday work

Click Here for the Year 10 Holiday work – DEAD LINK

Latin Clubs

Latin Club runs during Wednesday Lunchtimes for yrs10-13 as part of the out of school hours programme (OOSHL). We follow the Cambridge Latin course.

Useful webpages
Ancient world web. Over a 1000 sites constantly updated<
Perseus digital library. A vast library which contains many excellent resources.
Cambridge university Classics gateway. Particularly useful for sixth form.
Particularly good site for years 9 upwards. Contains a wealth of material set out in an interesting way.
This is a really good site on the role of women in the ancient world.
Encyclopedia Mythica. Everything you ever wanted to know about gods and heroes.
BBC Ancient Romans. A fun site about the ancient Romans intended for primary school children but there is some good information about Roman everyday life
Everyday life among the ancient Romans.
The Roman Empire Tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the lives of famous Romans. Excellent material on Roman everyday life too. Lots of images of ancient Rome. A site with lots of material and search engines.
Good on the eruption. Map of Pompeii and images of select buildings.
Virtual Pompeii. A very good tour of Pompeii with excellent images and information.
Why Classics?
Why study Classics?
Arizona – Why Study Classics?

Department News

Bimillennial Anniversary of the death of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor AD14-2014 August 19th – Year 13 have produced a display of his life and achievements in D7.
Theatre trip to see Antigone March 2015 at the Barbican
Lectures for A’Level students to enhance study in February and March
Year 10 Classics Club Monday Lunchtime D7 1-1.30 pm
Latin Club – Time TBC
A level Revision sessions Homer – Wednesday Week 1 Lunchtime, Women Friday Week 2 Lunchtime