Mission Statement

School Mission Statement

The Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School is a community of faith with Jesus Christ at its centre and where prayer is part of our daily lives. In our school, we aim to bring out the best in everyone and we are committed to the pursuit of excellence. Gospel values such as honesty, patience, kindness and forgiveness are at the heart of our relationships. We show concern and respect for individuals, valuing each member of our school community as unique person created in God’s image and loved by him. While encouraging pupils to become young Christian adults who have a love and appreciation of their own faith, we also help them to have an understanding and respect for other traditions and faiths. Our aim at all times is to recognise Jesus Christ as ‘the Truth’. It is only by believing in Him, and by making Him the centre of our lives, that we can ever be completely happy and completely free.

Aims of the School

In the light of our Mission Statement we aim:

To provide a caring, disciplined and stable environment in which teaching and learning can take place, and in which each pupil is respected as a unique person with God given gifts, qualities and particular needs;

To enable pupils to achieve their potential in academic studies, and to assist their intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural, aesthetic, emotional and physical development in preparation for adult life and family responsibilities;

To help pupils develop respect, tolerance and concern for others, an appreciation of the complexity of the world around them and its cultural diversity, and to become responsible citizens;

To create a happy and purposeful Christian community which will enable pupils to grow in understanding of their faith and of themselves, to enjoy relationships based on trust, courtesy, kindness and cooperation, and to develop confidence and a joy in learning as a sound basis for further/higher education, satisfying careers/vocations and a full life.