House Points


There are four forms of entry, each allocated to a House: Lindisfarne (L); Rievaulx (R); Thanet (T) and Whitby (W). Each house has a unique character and is represented by a colour – Green, Red, Blue and Yellow respectively.

Pupils, on entry, are allocated to a House, and remain in that same House whilst on roll at the school.  All members of staff are also assigned to a House and several members of staff who are former pupils have remained loyal to the House they served as a pupil and remain in that House today.

There is intense rivalry between the Houses in all Inter-House events but particularly at Sports Day and during the Inter-House Drama and Music Festivals where pupils are permitted to ‘bend’ the uniform regulations and paint faces and wear ribbons in House colours and House chants raise the roof!

Points are awarded at Inter-House competitions throughout the school year and pupils and staff take a keen interest in the running total displayed on the school web-site. Trophies, as well as points, are awarded for individual events such as Inter-House sports tournaments, House Drama & Music and pupils can earn extra points for their House by bringing in items for the Spring Fayre.

At the end of the school year, points are totalled and the overall winners are presented with the coveted ‘House of the Year’ trophy.

Pupils took part in a relay challenge in their PE lessons for the first interhouse event of the year.  This term you can gain points for your house by bringing in donations for the school Christmas Market.


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